Talkin' bout dialogue

A mother (M) tries to ask her daughter (D) if she's having sex.

M: Hey, sit down with me for a minute.

D: Okay?

M: How was your day?

D: Fine.

M: You want a snack? I can whip us up a pizza.

D: No.

M: We have chips.

D: No. Can I go?

M: In just a minute. How are things with Jeremy?

D: Fine. Why? I know you hate him.

M: What? I don't hate him.

D: Whatever. You don't even say like hi when he comes over.

M: I do. Besides, he's practically a mute. He could say hello too, you know.

D: Why would he? He knows you hate him.

M: I told you, I don't hate him. I barely even know the boy.

D: K, so whatever. Can I go now?

M: No, wait. You never answered my question, how are things going?

D: I said fine.

M: Right, fine. Are you two serious?

D: We're not getting married or anything. God, I'm only 15. Are we done?

M: No. I have to ask you something.

D: You just asked something.

M: But I didn't get the answer I wanted.

D: You want us to get married? I thought you hated him.

M: I don't... Just, look, are you and Jeremy having sex or not?

D: Ew, God, Mom. Even if we were, which we're not, why would I tell you? You're like my mom. Ugh, disgusting. I'm going now.

M: Take the chips when you go.

A girl (G) hinting to her boyfriend (B) that she wants him to propose.

G: Do you think my finger's fat?

B: Huh, what'd you say?

G: My finger. Does it look fat?

B: Why? Did you jam it?

G: No. But it's like a size 9.

B: Fingers don't have sizes.

G: Yeah they do. Like that's the size ring someone would buy for me if they wanted to. A size nine.

B: Huh. Didn't know rings had sizes.

G: Yeah. And mine is a size nine. In case anyone was wondering.

B: That's nice.

G: Also if someone were to ask, I'd tell them to get platinum.

B: Uh huh.

G: So yeah, platinum. Size nine. And round. Don't you thing round diamonds are the best?

B: What?

G: Round diamonds.

B: Aren't diamonds shaped like diamonds?

G: No, some are round. And platinum. And size nine.

B: Oh yeah? That's awesome, baby.

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