Today, as I was buying a budget application on iTunes, I thought of an idea for an ad. It seems like all I do now is spend money and worry about it. So what if everything a person touched made a cash register sound? Or a dropping coins sound? Maybe it's everything they see, even cars going by.

I think this could work with:
A site like Monster where people are looking for higher paying jobs.
A political ad about the economy.
An ad for Wal-mart about saving money. Perhaps the items at Wal-mart could make a softer noise?

On a similar note, what about an ad for a real-estate company, encouraging people to buy instead of rent? Run it at the end of every month, right before rent is due. A couple sits in their living room and writes a check for rent. They put it in the envelope, address it, add a stamp and take it outside to the mailbox. They then take a match and drop it into the mailbox and walk away.

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