My email to Fox

In my anger at Fringe cutting off, I dashed off an email to askfox.com. Five minutes later, I realized the DVR can be set to record beyond a time slot's end. But this is not the point. Not The Point.


I don't watch American Idol. I'm not interested.

I am, however, a fan of Fringe. And I have DVR.

Almost every week, American Idol runs over into Fringe, about five minutes. Since my DVR only records from 9 to 10, I miss the last five minutes of Fringe. (And yes, I've tried recording the next show, it doesn't work - just skips to the beginning.) This is annoying. I've spent almost an hour (really 40 minutes because I skip commercials) watching this show, leading up to the conclusion. Only to have it cut off. At the climax.

Unless you want to continue to alienate your DVR audience, maybe you should better plan for your shows. Have less commercials during American Idol or edit down some chatter or some singing. Maybe have that annoying recap I seem to keep catching be a little more succint. Or you could have less ad time during Fringe, so it actually ends by 10.

Whatever you do, stop messing up Fringe.

Thank you,
Heather Apple

PS - Arrested Development was the best show on television. I hope you're never that short-sighted again.


In which I reveal my cruel side.

Yeah, yeah, you can have only four periods a year. I've known that for quite awhile. But you're going to have to sell me more than that. I'm pretty comfortable with what I've got.


Oh, you made an ad? Let's see it.


Um... Re what my what?


"Repunctuate your life."


After the initial shock of the word "punctuate," which sounds horribly close to "puncture," I was able to discern the main point - PUN.


You know who did a good job with using that pun? Kotex. Not this. Please take your 90s, Real World-esque stamp and redo your ad.