My best friend is applying to graduate school. Of course, since she is my best friend and I write for a living, I've agreed to help her with her "personal statement."

It was interesting initially for me just to see the differences in our styles of writing. You can tell she is an English major with a master's in literature. And you can tell I am a storyteller who writes for the masses. For example, she used this phrase, "my students expressed the sentiment that," which I quickly marked out and replaced with "my students felt that."

I've really loved doing it, as much as I've loved helping other friends with cover letters and personal statements in the past. I think it's because I enjoy writing mantras and mission statements. I like to use action words and pretend like I'm writing a speech that Obama will read at his victory party. That's the type of voice I often hear in my head.

I've also wondered if there's a market for this kind of work and how ethical that is. Send me your cover letter or personal statement and a check, I'll fix it up and send it back. The fee would increase with success. For example, I'd charge a $100 base price and my bonuses would include $25 additional for each interview and $75 for a job offer. If you want to tweak your cover letter or personal statement for a different school or job, $5-10 per version.

Anyway, while I'm all about being an entrepreneur, this blog is supposed to be all about something else. Maybe this blog needs a mission statement.

I am a writer and these are my ideas. Advertising, literature and observations come together here, like they do in my work and in my life. I am not asking for your sympathy or your patience. I am asking for your judgement. I present my thoughts to you with courage and with fear. I am a writer and these are my ideas. Read and see.

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