"Keep those balls in the air"*

Last night I was watching football, against my will, when my boyfriend asked what the line that indicated the first down was called. My friend responded, "The Budweiser Line." I countered that it would make more sense for Sharpie to sponsor it.

I took sports marketing in college. But I haven't thought about it in awhile. What companies could sponsor what things in sports that aren't already taken?

The Axe Body Spray 3rd Base Play - Replay of any action on 3rd base

The E*Trade Coin Toss - If it's heads, everyone at the game gets $10 to invest

Weber Tailgate Pre-show - Interviewing tailgaters to see their best innovations and hear their stories

Purrell Port-o-Potty - With free samples

IKEA Bleacher Section - Cheaper seats in the front, made by IKEA, making better seats affordable

Honda Soccer Mom Parking Service - Special valet for Honda minivan drivers at sporting events

ADT Goalie Play of the Day - Replay of the soccer goalie's best moves

Facebook Jumbotron - Shows your face and your name

*Arrested Development

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