My kitten-inspired products

I have a kitten named Wall-e. He's a handful. Nobody warned me of all the various adjustments I would need to make to have Wall-e around. I think there should be a line of products to deal with these unexpected kitten needs.

I suppose I couldn't really name this line after my kitten, since his name is a little popular. I'll call it Cabitat Collection - Products to help you co-habitate with your kitten. You'll have to excuse the cute names, but cat-lovers are okay with cuteness associated with cats.

Keyboard protector for your laptop so you can work while your cat investigates. It would be a clear, sturdy plastic cover that your hands could slip underneath. This way you could type while your cat sat on the glass part. How to keep the kitten from pawing that the cursor... I'm going to have to keep thinking.

Paws Out
Gates in varying and expandable sizes to put under cabinets to block out certain sections from access, like behind the dishwasher. In front of washers/dryers to keep cats from going behind them. Under beds to keep cats from staging attacks. Beside and under refrigerators and other furniture to keep cats from disappearing behind them.

Pet Ping
Okay, I hate the bell around my kitten's collar, but it's necessary because things get very quiet sometimes and you know he's doing something bad. What I'd rather have is something similar to a key finder. When I want find Wall-e, I hit it and it beeps. No annoying bell when it's not necessary.

Kitchen products:
Furry Freeze Out
Is there some sort of sound that cats don't like and humans can't hear? Can we put one on a sensor so that it sounds every time the fridge is open? At the very least, there needs to be some kind of motion sensor in the fridge in case I ever shut my cat in by accident.

Cat Counter Down
A 6"- 1' lip to put around your counter, making it inaccessible to the kitten when it's up. It would fold down when you needed access to your counter. (Tape doesn't work on the surface, bubble wrap is not the deterrent some claim it to be and I don't want to shock him.)

Bathroom products:
Feline Faucet
You can cover your toilet, but not your sink. I propose a sliding sheet, like you'd see on a child's window in a car, that you can slide over your sink while not in use, suction cupping to the bottom.

Tabby tub toys
My cat loves playing in the tub, but he needs toys that don't stop moving and that he can't get out. Something weighted would work. And it has to be able to roll.

Other products I need are an industrial strength fitted sheet to put on the bottom of the mattress pad. He likes to claw his way in. And some way to get him to stop chewing wires. And some way to get him to stop attacking the curtains. Sigh. Good thing I love this cat.

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