Gym buddy

I have my first appointment with a personal trainer on Wednesday. Basically, I feel that any time I spend in the gym, which I hate, should be used to my advantage. And it's free with membership.

But I started to think on the way home today of how a personal trainer could advertise him or herself.

Weighted business cards - See how wussy you are? You think paper feels heavy. (Those wouldn't be the exact words, but the sentiment.)

Since most people don't have pockets at the gym, business bracelets may be in order. Paper bracelets with a plastic cover would work - think hospital.

The locker room gives plenty of opportunity. There are standard locker magnets or locks for lockers. Maybe there are special lockers reserved for your clients only.

The scale is also a great place for a trainer to step in and say it's about toning, not weight. Set realistic goals. The ad could be on the wall behind the scale or on the scale itself (as long as it didn't add weight.) Perhaps the ad could SAY it added weight. Hey, this ad adds 1lb. Look at all the progress you're making. Get back to it. Isn't that what a personal trainer does, makes you feel better and pushes you harder?

The benches in the locker room look a lot like weight benches. You could advertise there with a "spotter" message.

Water bottle labels on free water bottles.

Almost all the weight equipment has space on it. Though I am not sure how okay the management would be with that.

As a personal trainer, you could offer some perks. For example, a stockpile of better gym towels than the gym provides. 

You could also create playlists for your clients who are going out of town, for them to use at hotel gyms. Easy workouts for when the trainer isn't there, and time them with your voice.

Provide access to YouTube videos showing you doing at-home exercises.

Sign on the way out saying, "Just one more rep."

I'm laughing more than anything on this series of ideas. Oh well.

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