Twitter and the 24/7 pressure.

I joined Twitter today, at the urging of a coworker. And now I feel this extreme pressure to "Twit" (oh god, I don't know the terminology, I'm so behind!) all the time.

My friend, Paul, has already sent me three sites - one that grades and ranks you on Twitter, one that tracks your stats and one that threatens to track you down if you ever quit Twitter.

What have I gotten myself into? And how far does it go?

I've already got my iPhone app for it, of course. But I can also connect it to my Facebook and this blog.

My next question: do people really care what I'm doing and thinking or is this just work escapism at its finest? Am I a virtual socialite or do I suffer from boredom?

And what could I do with Twitter to make things interesting? Barack Obama had a Twitter. I'm sure other companies do too. (I'm already Twittering NPR, and they're Twittering me. - Twittering? Right word?)

I wonder how fast a message could spread on there. Like an elementary school parent's phone tree.

I'm connecting it to the blog now. If I can figure it out.

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