The end. And getting there.

When I was in college, my minor was in creative writing. I took a lot of fiction writing classes and finally made my way to honors.

Here are a couple of things I learned that I try to apply to everything I write:

1. You only get 2 exclamation points for your entire life.
The situation and the words themselves should have enough emotion that punctuation isn't necessary.

2. You know everything. Your reader knows enough.
If a scene ends with a character going to bed and the next begins with them waking up, you should know every dream they had. But you shouldn't write it all down.

3. Be Hemingway.
Use necessary words.

4. Know the ending before you begin.
You have to know where a story is going and then take it there. I've heard other writers say they create the characters and let them drive the story. But on every successful story I've written, I've known the climax before I began.

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