Oh Blogger, you have disappointed me.

My first few days on Twitter have gone well. I've got an app on my iPhone that I can semi work and I've been texting in my comments as well.

I was disappointed to find out that Blogger really doesn't have a good system to link to Twitter. You'll notice I have a Twitter feed on the blog but linking the blog back to Twitter is complicated. Even more frustrating - other blogging companies like WordPress have already figured it out.

Perhaps it's all about who owns what and making the right deal with them. I hate to think it's oversight.

I feel like almost* every company should have:
a website
a Twitter feed
some sort of blog or updated content
an iPhone app
a widget
a Facebook page

These things should all connect and the content should take them further. In fact, companies should look at every piece of technology, every app and see if there's a way they could get in on them and benefit. Are there dedicated staffers who do these things? Technology hall monitors?

By the way, I'm pretty sure Barack Obama completed the list and went beyond.

*I say almost because if the concept doesn't warrant these things or if it would harm the concept to have them, then they shouldn't exist.

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