Layoff rumors.

In a bad economy, everyone knows ad dollars are one of the first things to go. Especially with car companies going out.

I'm really hoping to keep my job or stay in advertising in general. But what if I had to leave?

Top alternate professions, without considering education or feasibility:

Runners up - undercover agent at a high school, hostess at a restaurant, personal assistant, photographer

10. Bow tier at a wrapping station (special family talent)

9. Cat whisperer

8. Bartender (specifically in a non-smoking bar)

7. Journalist/Blogger/Twitter feeder

6. Party planner

5. Slogan writer for movie posters

4. Anything Obama wants me to be

3. College professor in advertising or writing or mass media in general

2. Personal shopper

1. Author (I've become a copywriter stereotype.)

I guess I'd also like to think of something new to do. Hopefully, we will not have to see.

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