The white SUV.

I remember the night OJ Simpson was driving along in his SUV, surrounded by helicopters and news cameras. And police.

A quick search of Wikipedia tells me this was in 1994. I was 12, just old enough to sit and... well, not hope... but anticipate the potential disaster we were all about to see on live television. He was armed. He had been accused of killing his wife. And he was on the run.

We ordered a pizza.

That's the part that sticks out in my mind. How many pizzas must have been ordered that night? And how can pizza places, or other delivery companies, capitalize on live television events like that more often?

(This is another one of those advertising moments where I feel like I might be going to Hell.)

For the unplanned events, maybe there's a pizza company that's there when you can't leave the house. For the moments you can't bear to use the DVR.


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