Children's Story

How to tell a child that a plane landed in the Hudson River:

One day, a big, lazy goose was sitting in Central Park trying to get a tan. But it was very, very cold and he had to hide in the branches of a tree. HONK brrrrr. HONK brrrrr.

I'm not going to get any sun here, he thought. And all of my friends have flown south for the winter. Maybe I will too.

So he took off, flapping and sweating and heaving his weight. He flew towards the south. Which took him right by the Hudson river.

Meanwhile, a plane took off from La Guardia airport. They were heading south too. To Charlotte, North Carolina. The pilot of this plane was a very good pilot. He'd flown over a thousand times before. He directed the plan south. Which took it right by the Hudson River.

By the time that fat, lazy goose got to the river, he was exhausted. HONK pant. HONK gasp. I'm never going to make it, he thought. Just then, he saw the plane. Maybe I'll hitch a ride with them, he said. Then he flew down and sat on the wing.

This is the life, the fat bird said. And he laid down and fell asleep. HONK shooo. HONK shooo.

The pilot wasn't happy though. The big fat bird made his plane lopsided. He couldn't fly all the way to Charlotte like that. The flight attendants couldn't serve drinks because they'd all spill. Plus, the fat goose's snoring would bother everybody in every town they passed. 

He looked down and saw the Hudson River and had an idea. I'll wake that fat goose up, he said. And he took the plane in for a landing, right into the river.

The goose was still fast asleep. Until he heard a mighty splash and woke up with a start. He was all wet, with matted feathers and water up his beak. HONK spit, HONK spat.

The pilot laughed to see the goose so mad. Let's get off this plane and take a boat instead, he said to the passengers. So they all got off and onto a boat. And the pilot scooped up the fat goose and took him too.

The boat ride was fun for everyone but the goose, who had pneumonia and had to stay in bed the whole time. HONK sneeze. HONK cough. 

Nobody worried though. The southern sun would nurse him back to health in no time.

The end.

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