Hand gestures.

A few of my friends cannot make hand gestures without it looking WRONG.

I'm going to attempt to write a description of a gesture from yesterday.

We were discussing deli meat, specifically the kind that comes in the reseal bags. It began as a conversation about how long meat lasts outside of the fridge. Then it turned into a discussion of how slimy mean was in the bag. And I commented on how awful it was to get the meat out of the bag, how you had to stick your whole hand in to do it.

My friend says, "No, no. You can totally get it out without doing that. You just take the bag and shake it."

He puts both hand up like he's holding a bag between his pointer fingers and thumbs and moves his hands down in a sharp movement.

"Then you open it and..."

He stuck out his pointer and middle fingers on his right hand and put them face up at his chest level. He pulled his right elbow back. With his left hand, he used his pointer and thumb to pretend to hold the bag of meat open.

He slid his right hand forward, fingers up, towards his imaginary open bag. Right when he crossed the "opening" of the bag, just as he was starting to make a patting motion upwards, he saw our horror-struck and amused looks.

His face flushed and he dropped his hands like they were stolen merchandise at a gas station. And then we laughed.

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