I tried to write this entry last night from my iPhone, but it wouldn't work. It's sad when my technology fails me. It hurts my faith in the iPhone's seemingly limitless power.

Yesterday I spent a portion of my day surfing stock photo sites. Eventually I got extremely frustrated with the stock photo process and thought to myself, "I'm a writer. Why am I doing this?"

But I did not and would not say that out loud. The truth is, I love being included on all aspects of projects. And I welcome help on my copy from art directors as well.

I find the disconnect happens most often when a logo project comes up. It's not enough to just have a designer on it. Copywriters think differently. They can add to a design project and offer suggestions that designers may not come up with on their own. A logo will be smarter and more conceptual when two opposing thinkers are working to create it. Just like any project.

Go team.

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