Keeping up.

Media moves fast. I always feel like I'm behind, but that's probably because almost everyone is. Here's an inventory of what am I using, what do I want to find out more about, and what's slipping away?

I use: Blogger, Google Analytics, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, iPhone, AIM/iChat, YouTube, Wii, DVR, Netflix, personal website, Linkedin, Wikipedia, television online, iPod, digital cameras, Craigslist.org, TripAdvisor, online shopping, iTunes

Sub category - How I communicate: text message, email, in person, instant message, phone, mail, links, blog, Facebook

I want to learn more about: Twitter, Google Reader and the full extent of Google, XBox Live, online gambling, streaming music sites, file sharing sites, Blinkx, Nike +, Apple tv, digital video cameras, Tom Tom and other GPS, Digg.com, Spore, and all the things I've heard of but can't think of and all the things I haven't even heard of... I'm ambitious here.

I know but I've let go of: MySpace, Mobile Me, Skype, Widgets, online dating (just let it be known that I know how to navigate them), Podcast, Friendster, Photobucket, Webkinz, Second Life

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