Heather the writer.

I don't think the McCain campaign is ever going to cite me or my profession in their laundry list of "[first name] the [profession]" people they're trying to win over. But I suppose I'm not a prime target.

It's an annoying and infuriating tactic, but it's one of the few concrete things I've seen from the McCain campaign since it began. The name/profession game is definitely some sort of branding, something you can hold on to. I sincerely hope it's not successful, but for me, it's about to turn into fun.

Who else is not the McCain target?

Bill the philanthropist.
Eunice the librarian.
Dora the explorer.
Tina the lesbian.
Ryder the college student.
David the unemployed.
Tyrone the teacher.
Colin the former Secretary of State.
Candice the journalist.
Lee the designer.
Stephen the Hawaiian.
Derek the agnostic.

And hopefully more.

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