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My complaint stems from buying one thing for my baby nephew on the site. Now I get car seats and the book "Everyone Poops" in my recommendations. Amazon thinks I gave birth. In fact, I think it says something like, "The perfect thing for YOUR baby" over a picture of a teething giraffe.

I also bought some travel books when I went to London and Paris in 2007. And then another book in 2008 when I pretended like I could afford to go to Italy. It won't stop recommending travel books and it's getting to me. It's like salt in the wound. Oh, Rick Stevens has a new book on Spain WHERE YOU CAN NEVER GO. Buy it now!

Another time, I searched for books for a naughty X-mas party. And here comes my dating guide for lesbians, a season of the L Word and my Melissa Etheridge CD. If I were a lesbian, I'd be kind of insulted to be so stereotyped.

I have finally discovered I can click "not interested." No thanks to Rick Steven's new silk money bag (fancy words for a fanny pack there, Mr. Stevens) or the huge weights they're basing on another present I bought. And there's a special section you can go to to improve your recommendations. Do most people know this? Am I just in such a hurry that I never see these things or is Amazon.com, as I suspect, a cluttered mess?

Also, can I fill out some sort of profile? I know there's a Wish List, but where can I say, "I'm an aunt" or "I'm a heterosexual female with no money to travel?" Maybe I could even say which genres I am interested in or when certain people's birthdays are or separate my recommendations into "Recommendations for my nephew," "recommendations for traveling," "recommendations for reading," etc.

Once again, you may be able to do these things already, if so, I recommend improving the interface.

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