Recently overheard.

This conversation was overheard at a restaurant a few months back. A table of two girls, one very loud, was near ours.

The first bit of personal information: "I weigh 141 now. I weighed 139 in high school."

The loud girl went on to describe details about a health problem she recently found out she has, listing several alcoholic drinks she could no longer drink. A guy from another table actually named her disease to her (and the rest of the room). This was not enough to make her lower her voice.

She then proceeded to talk about stalking a guy on Facebook and how she erased her history afterwards, just in case. I found it interesting that she thought this guy might actually go into her internet history and spy on her.

Anyhow, she'd be a marvelous character for a book. Secondary though. One can only take so much.

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