Is all hope lost?

February is a draining month. It's the last of winter and even though it's the shortest month, it seems to slide by like molasses would in this kind of weather.

It's easy to get bogged down in February, to lose the hopeful, bright outlook you had at the beginning of the new year. I wonder how many resolutions make it to the end of this month? I know my Wii Fit has been looking sad and lonely for a few weeks now.

I also wonder if Obama is suffering from the drag down. People are letting their faith slip. Would it be easier to forgive things like accidentally picking semi-crooked cabinet members in a warmer, happier month?

More importantly, as it is impossible to change the weather, how do we fix this from a marketing standpoint? I think Obama should have devoted more to after-campaign campaigning. We still need his snappy advertising to stay focused. Anyone would tell you that the user experience doesn't stop at purchase (or vote.) You have to fulfill that brand promise over and over again.

It's not enough to make a speech. We're too media saturated. Obama needs to put on a show, do the dance, be himself. Fulfill that promise he made and stop acting like he thinks he's supposed to. Stop letting the suits run the show and keep the hope alive.

(On a side note, you'll notice in an earlier posting that I had added a Twitter feed to my blog. I decided it wasn't worth it. Too many @blahblahblahs without the context. Though I am still Twittering. I'm an addict, which I could have predicted.)

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