Crib World

I think it was on "Sex and the City" (and don't leave me here just because you hate the show, I have a point) where Miranda was complaining about a place called "Crib World." She said she wanted a store called something like, "this is the crib for you."

I think I'm starting to believe that for every purchase. I am so tired of researching what I should buy. Forums, blogs, manufacturers pages, talking to friends - it's exhausting. And all the while, there's this thought in the back of my head that I know I'm going to get it wrong.

If you're a lady, you probably remember those sliding bar questionnaires they used to have (maybe still have) at Clinique. You had to match up things like what tone your skin was, did you have freckles, did you tan or burn? Then you were dubbed a skin "type" and the right products were immediately clear. What happened to little quizzes like that? Still in the Cosmopolitan Magazine? I think I saw one on a stroller site once when I was shopping for ideas for my nephew. They really are helpful.

There are things like Pricegrabber if you know the product you want and you just need the best deal, but what comes before that? Just because something has five stars on Amazon doesn't mean I'd give it five stars, too. My circumstances are unique, darn it.

Thus far, I've got the wrong red hoodie and the wrong camera memory card, at least one of which will make it to craigslist very soon. Maybe the title of my posting will be, "This is the camera memory card for you." I think it would work.

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