Ideas for iPhone apps and sponsors

A DVR program that works remotely to set up your television recordings. You can set the DVR to record, see what you have recorded and search for upcoming shows.

The obvious choices for companies would be cable companies or TiVo. Channels, like the TV Guide Channel, could bring this service to you individually, as well. Other more random ideas include: Entertainment Weekly, Pop Secret

i Got Connections
This program would be incredibly simple, a lot like contacts but with a camera component. You get a business card, you take a photo of the front and back, input the last and first name and then give the card back. Eventually, if enough people had the program, you could exchange cards without the paper card altogether. "Send my card to iPhones in the vicinity."

Obvious sponsors include Rolodex and calendar companies. You could also use an environmental company or Monster.com/Careerbuilder.com.

An apartment-finding application that's user-run. It's like craigslist with a map feature. You're in your apartment and trying to rent it. You take pictures on your iPhone then pinpoint your location on the map. Prices, pictures, location, directions from your Current Location, surrounding apartments for rent, everything renters need to know is all there.

Craigslist could obviously be a sponsor, assuming this was a paid service. IKEA and other furniture or home companies would fit. Or a realtor could steal the entire thing for their properties exclusively.

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clevertrousers said...

The middle one is a cool idea. Have you tried out evernote? ( www.evernote.com ) I think you can like take a picture of a wine bottle label and it does OCR to pull out the name and store it in a searchable way. And business cards, etc.