Susan and Edward

I get a lot of thinking done in the shower. Last night's revelation was that Susan Boyle is the real-life Edward Scissorhands.

Susan and Edward both lived alone, away from people.

They both look weird.

They have amazing talents - Edward with his gardening and haircuts, Susan with her singing

Once they revealed these talents to the world, they became sensations.

They could not handle the pressure - Edward started ripping wallpaper and knocking down shrubs, Susan had some public rants.

The public turned on them - the neighbors said Edward was unstable and dangerous, the tabloids said Susan was cracking.

They both had to disappear for awhile - Edward ran back to his lonely house, Susan checked into a facility.

Susan Boyle's story seems to be continuing. I saw something about a comeback concert in a headline today. By the way, can someone have a "comeback" concert when they were never making big money and were only performing on a reality show? I guess so. But the real point is, look what the world can do. Is it better to remain isolated or to expose yourself?

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